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Exhaust Replacement & DPF

Exhaust Replacement and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

We can replace repair, fit or even upgraded exhaust system to your vehicle. From just a back-box replacement to a full exhaust system we can do it. New can supply and fit new catalyst converters, new lambda sensors, standard exhaust or upgrade your exhaust to a stainless-steel system.

Exhaust DPF’s or (Diesel Particulate Filters) can cause all sorts of problems from lack of power, warning lights coming on and reduced power mode to become active. We can carry out fault diagnostics to do with DPF problems, we can carry out regeneration and forced regenerations, if your DPF becomes to full then we can remove your DPF and get it fully cleaned and then reset the DPF system.

If you are having issues with you exhaust system or DPF system please call for more advice and information.

Custom Stainless steel Exhaust Systems

We are offering custom made stainless steel exhaust modifications, front just and new exhaust tip to a full exhaust system, we can add a back box delete, centre box delete or make a cat back system. We use high grade stainless still and all bends are bought in at the correct angles. We TIG weld all our joints with stainless steel filler rods and we  offer a life time guarantee and all our custom exhaust builds.

If you are interested in having and custom exhaust please give us a call or call in at the workshop for a chat. We will need to see and measure your exhaust before we can give you a quote.

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