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Brake Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake fit specialise in brake pad replacement, we can carry out brake pad replacement on any make or model of light vehicle. We only supply and fit high-quality parts when replacing your brake pads to ensure the pads are fitted correctly.

We can reset any brake pad warning lights or service light using our diagnostic equipment.

If you are unsure if your brake pads need replacing or you have been advised on your last mot, please call in at our workshop where we can carry out a free brake inspection and advise on replacement.

Brake Disc Replacement

Here at Brake-Fit we specialise in brake disc replacement

Brake disc replacement is important when the brake disc has worn down to below the minimum specification set by the manufacture, brake discs can also become corroded, scored and warped from excessive heat.

We can test and check all of these issues and advise on necessary replacement, we only use high quality brake disc with the correct fitment for your vehicle.

If you are unsure if your if your brake discs need replacement. Please feel free to contact us or call in at our workshop and we will carry out a free brake disc inspection.

Brake Caliper replacement

We specialise at brakes here at brake-fit and if you need your brake calipers replacing or refurbished then you have come to the right place, we can replace or refurbish your original calipers to as new condition. We also can replace your brake hoses, make up new brake pipes to match your originals and carry out brake fluid flushes and changes.

Brake Caliper painting and refurbishment

Here at brake fit we can paint your calipers any colour you like, popular colours are, red, blue, white, yellow, black and sliver. We also have other colours availiable please feel free to call in at our work shop for more advise and colour range. 

For more information about what brake work we do and if you would like a free brake inspection please call in at our workshop.






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